Polymath University is a new type of online platform where everyone from all over the world, no matter what their education level, can come and learn new things about many different topics.

We think good education is vital for a happy life. It is a shame that only people with enough money to pay for university can get high quality education. So, we want to bring all the cool knowledge out there to the public.

We also think that every person can benefit from learning subjects that are outside of his/her area of specializations. Philosophers can improve their thinking by knowing some math, and vice versa. All of this theory will be put on this site and our YouTube Channel, in a language that is understandable to non-experts.

Nico Heidari Tari founder Polymath University
Nico is the founder of Polymath University. He has two bachelor degrees in Philosophy and Communication. He also has formal training in mathematics and is now doing a research masters to prepare for a PhD in Philosophy.

Besides this outstanding track record, he is also an autodidact on many subjects that he is interested in, ranging from psychology to zoology, and much more.

Nico is the editor-in-chief and head lecturer of Polymath University.
Marlie Wijn Founder Polymath University
Marlie is the co-founder of Polymath University. She has two bachelor degrees in Sociology and Philosophy. She is now doing a masters degree in Philosophy.

She is the creative director and assistant editor of PMU, and a guest lecturer as well.