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We provide accesible articles and video lectures to ensure that scientists and the general public can become more polymathic. We think this is crucial for a happy life and good communication in society. At a traditional uni you specialize, but at Polymath University you come to broaden your horizon. Enjoy our free educational content. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

We want to create a growth in curiosity. It is our belief that everyone is curiuous to learn new things. Together, we can gain wisdom for a better future.

The focus at Polymath University is the individual student. No classrooms, just information online in an understandable language. You can learn everything, for free!

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We are using state of the art technology to provide high quality videos, and we collaborate with experts to make sure all the information you receive is accurate!

Jack, MA.

​​”Scientific knowledge should be accessible to everyone, but it’s all too often covered in academic jargon or courses that are expensive with strict entry requirements. Polymath University is great, because it presents complicated subjects in a language anyone can understand. I also really like the format of short video lectures grouped into themed series, so you can take in just the right amount of information on the subject you want to learn about.”

Polymath uni vishesh
Vishesh, MSc.

“Polymath University is an awesome place to study because the academic content is presented in the simplest possible way. I really appreciate the tiring efforts by the lecturers to make the content understandable to everyone, even high school dropouts. Additionally, it is a lot of fun to watch the videos, and you will never get bored, because they present very interesting facts about every theory that they teach. So in short, they make the subject easy and interesting for you at the same time, which is what makes them the best!”


The founder is going to be interviewed on the Polymath Polycast show on the 29th of October. Updates on how to tune in will follow shortly.

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Polymath University: Our Team

Nico Heidari Tari founder Polymath UniversityNico is the founder of Polymath University. He has multiple degrees, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge!

Marlie Wijn Founder Polymath UniversityMarlie is the co-founder, also with multiple degrees. She is the creative idea machine for this organization!

Sample Video

Check out this video we published on lifehacks. We explain what our students can expect to learn in this video series.

Become more polymathic today!  Just like Aristotle, Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Kant, or other great minds in history. 

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Unsure where to start? Hesitant about what all this knowledge has to offer you? You may check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. We explain in detail here what Polymath University has to offer, and how this can significantly improve your life. 

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Categories of Study

Philosophy Polymath University
Philosophy is the mother of all sciences and studies the fundamental structure of reality. Learning this field is a great way for aspiring polymaths to have more universal knowledge.
Sociology studies groups and social behavior. This is done on multiple scales, like families but also countries. This is great for polymaths who want to understand how society is structured.
Lifehacks Polymath
Every person who wants to become someone of universal knowledge, must know some tricks to stay healthy and be efficient in order to get things done. Our category lifehacks will teach you this.
Communication Polymath University
The world is becoming ever more interconnected. We communicate more rapidly than ever before. Learn all the ins and outs of effective commmunication for a successful polymathic career.
We started philosophizing about the mind millenia ago. It still remains mysterious with much to discover. Learn all about the complexity of the mind in our articles on psychology.
Physics studies the natural world. We explain physics in a comprehensive manner, without assuming any background knowledge. Great for aspiring polymaths to broaden their horizon.
Mythology Polymath
Mythology studies stories, from ancient times until very recent ones. These narratives contain many eternal life lessons, and illustrative insights about the cultures of civilizations.
Mathematics Polymath University
Mathematics studies not just numbers but also patterns in general. Training in this area is marvelous if you want to develop your reasoning skills in general, which is a must for polymathic ambitions.